Monday, February 15, 2010

Lowe's Food

Sanderson chicken breast (over 6 lbs)
RP $7.62 to $7.80. SP $1.99 lb. FP - $3.30 to $3.38.

TopCare stomach relief
RP $2.85. SP/FP - $2.50

Ground beef hamburger patties
(1 lb)
RP $3.77. SP/FP - $1.85

Lowe's Food mozzarella chunk cheese

RP $4.49. SP/FP -$3.49

Lowe's Food Ginger Ale
RP $2.77. SP/FP - $1.99

Hunt's tomato sauce
(clearance rack)
RP $1.46. SP/FP - $0.73


RP $0.67/lb. FP - $0.69

Lowe's Food bacon

RP $3.38. SP/FP -$1.69

Final shopping total - $38.88
OOP - $23.67
Saved - $15.21 (about 39%)

Believe me, I know this is an expensive shopping trip! And not ONE coupon used. But here are my thoughts: I knew I wanted more chicken breast. The last time I bought chicken breast was in October, and we still aren't completely out. I wanted to get enough stock up so that I won't have to buy it for another six months either. The TopCare stomach relief (store brand Pepto) will be returned because I found Pepto at a better price at Harris Teeter. The hamburger patties were a splurge. We used the last of our beef yesterday and we really like beef for hamburgers instead of venison because of the slightly fatter taste. Plus, these were a great price. The mozzarella cheese was a SPLURGE!! I actually needed/wanted mozzarella cheese slices. The only brand that carried slices was Lowe's Food - $2.99/8 oz. (0.37 unit price). I checked out the deli - the only mozzarella there was Boar's Head - $6.99/16 oz (0.44 unit price). I checked out Lowe's Food chunk cheese to slice it myself - $2.49/8 oz (0.31 unit price). And finally I checked out Lowe's Food chunk cheese in a larger size - $3.49/16 oz (0.22 unit price). The big chunk of Lowe's Food cheese won by a LARGE margin! Plus, we'll definitely use it. The Ginger Ale was a necessity. The tomato sauce wasn't but is a great price and my mother-in-law used a jar of sauce while she was here over the weekend (I like to keep some handy). The bananas were a necessity. And the bacon is for a recipe - and they were in the clearance bin for meat, so they were $0.30 cheaper than any other bacon I could find, even with a coupon.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

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