It's The Little Things

The "little" things you do every day to save money can really add up! Here are the things I do every day, not really thinking about or putting too much time and effort into any of these things.
  • I use real plates. I don't ever purchase paper plates unless they are free or we need them for a party.
  • I use real glasses (cups). I don't ever purchase plastic/paper/Styrofoam cups unless they are free or we need them for a party.
  • I use cloth napkins. I don't ever purchase paper napkins unless they are free or we need them for a party. There are times I like to have paper napkins on hand, and thanks to my regular mystery shops at fast food locations, I always have a few on hand! (Free!)
  • I use rags, washcloths, old cloth diapers, newspaper, etc. for cleaning and dusting. I might use a couple of paper towels here and there for really grimy messes, but 98% of my cleaning is done with something that I can throw in with my towels and use again.
  • I make my own baby wipe solution. I usually make about 15-20 wipes at one time and make them about once a week or so. I've been making these for a year or so and I'm still using the same bottles of solution I was using then... DEFINITELY a money saver!
  • I use homemade cloths to remove makeup and wash my face rather than buy cotton balls or other makeup remover pads.
  • I hang my clothes to dry. According to our Homeowner's Association we are not allowed to hang clothes outside. I have a drying rack inside that I use instead. When I do dry clothes, I do it on medium heat and between 40-60 minutes (our timer will do 80 minutes if you don't change it; yours may be different)
  • I wash my laundry in cold water.
  • I use plastic grocery bags in my small trash cans. This way I use less of my regular size trash bags, and I don't have to buy the smaller size for those trash cans. I use other items in place of trash bags as well.
  • I make my own breadcrumbs and freeze them. 
  • I recycle as much as possible, which means less household trash. That, in turn, means less trips to the landfill (we do not pay for trash pickup) and less trash bags used.
  • I re-use ziploc bags simply by washing them when I wash my dishes, unless they are ruined by something nasty that was in there. :)
  • We use energy-saver light bulbs.
  • We compost, which means that waste doesn't take up space in our trash.
  • I make as many things at home as possible - such as diced tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, bread, rolls, waffles, pancakes, french fries, rather than purchasing them.