Sunday, March 13, 2011

Make Your Own

Facial Wipes!

Okay, so remember that post I wrote a while back about going green and that I did a project with that thought in mind? Oh yeah, that post was like 10 minutes ago.

Well, I realized last night as I was taking my makeup off how many cotton balls I go through every month. I know, cotton balls aren't exactly the most expensive thing on the shopping list, but I'm lucky if I can even find them for $1.99 per bag. They only last me about a month or less. So, say I get lucky and get them at that price every single month (not going to happen probably). I'm spending roughly $25 per year just on cotton balls. Plus, they take up space storing the big bulky bags of cotton balls in the bathroom! Now this might not seem important to you but it was bothering me for some reason.

I went online to buy "washable cleansing pads" which, sad to say, you can't find everywhere (like Target). In fact, the places I did find them at were selling them in packs of five for about $7-8. Which, really, I was prepared to pay for considering I would never have to buy cotton balls again. But then I started thinking... couldn't I make these?

Why, yes I can!

I haven't used the old cloth diapers as much with Hunter as I did with Bri - I've been using more of the BumGenius and such with him for some reason. I've got dozens of the white cloth ones though, so I picked one to be my guinea pig.

All I had to do was cut it into three strips. Then I cut each strip into small squares. I sewed up any open ends. Voila! I know these are machine washable because the diapers themselves have been washed many times. I can throw these in with our towels or the diaper laundry and it will be so easy. I made enough from that one diaper to last me over two weeks, and I know for sure I'll do laundry before I run out of them. I'm going to finish off the cotton balls we have in the house right now and then my goal is - do not buy any more!!

I know they aren't the prettiest thing ever, but that's not the point! I actually used thread that I didn't have enough of to use it for anything else, so it was really win-win!

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