Thursday, April 29, 2010

Magazine Offer

I don't usually blog about offers and subscriptions and coupon codes and things like that, but I just had to let you know about this just in case it's something you're interested in!

I just got a year's subscription to the magazine Everyday with Rachael Ray for $3.99! Now, we don't subscribe to many magazines around here - I get Real Simple (and share with my mom and sister) and Family Fun (which I didn't pay for the subscription - thanks Tracey!) and Stephen gets American Rifleman and Game Informer. So we're pretty picky. But I have to admit, Rachael Ray is one magazine I will always grab out of the recycling bin! I love her recipes, I always have.

If you love Rachael Ray as much as I do, and you have four bucks to spare, head over here. Click on "Buy Now" and then when you are prompted to offer a coupon code at checkout, enter "EVERYDAY". Boom! $20 is gone! Suggested retail for a year subscription is $39.90 (say whaaaaaa!?!?) but you could actually get a year subscription from the magazine's website for $15.00. Either way, $4 is a steal in my opinion.

This offer is only good today - sorry so late, I just now heard about it! - so go get it if you want it!

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