Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Okay, I didn't know whether to post this here or my other blog, so I finally made the decision to post the exact same thing on each blog. After all, both blogs are about reaching goals, trying new things, and being frugal, so I couldn't decide.

This month I decided to make some simple goals for the month of May. I didn't decide to do this until May 10th, so I made them kind of small to start with, because what's the fun of having goals if you don't reach them?

Before we begin, please take note of the absolutely ADORABLE baby on the fridge! That's my scrumptious niece Claire!

Okay, moving on.

My grocery budget, as usual is $100. I'm sneaking up on the number but hope I can still get it under the wire. I love trying new recipes, so I added that I want to try six new recipes this month. I've tried four so far and have two(ish) weeks left, so that should be easy. Although I'm not eating with mom and dad next week so that will throw me off some! I want five books read and GONE out of this house, never to be heard from again. I've sent two to one of Granny's friends, Dottie, and I'm not actually sure I'll make it to five. But I'm darn sure gonna try! I wanted to sell $5 worth of items on eBay. To me that's a huge accomplishment because I have been really slack in the eBay department lately. I'm trying to get back on track. So far it's not going so well. And then my small project that I chose was to clean out our silverware drawer. Somehow in the past few months our silverware drawer has become a junk drawer. Observe:

There are coupons, register rewards, reminders, ziploc bags... but mainly coupons. Clipped, unclipped, expired, you name it.

Voila! Now our silverware drawer simply holds silverware, my receipts for the current month (in the blue box), Fed By Faith donation money, and the coupons I am using this week for Super Doubles. All the items in the drawer were successfully PUT AWAY, not just moved! Now I can cross off one thing of my list! Yes!

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