Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Harris Teeter

Huggies (x2)
Used raincheck to make them $5.99 each. Minus $3.00 coupon. FP - $2.99

McCormick pesto mix

RP/FP - $1.49

Bumblebee tuna
RP $1.00. Minus $0.55 coupon. FP - Free


RP $1.99/lb. SP $1.59/lb. FP - $2.11

Nature's Pride bread

Used raincheck to make this Free.

Final OOP - $10.62
My receipt says I saved $9.54 but because of the rainchecks it doesn't include the $3.00+ I saved for the bread and the $5.00+ I saved from each pack of diapers. I'm not sure how much I really did save but it was definitely much more than $9.54. Either way, I'm satisfied!

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