Monday, June 7, 2010


I know, I know, I despise shopping at our local Walmart. But I was talking to Jennifer the other day and she said (although she despises shopping at Walmart too) that some of the prices are just so much lower it is worth it to shop there for certain things. This morning I needed to get several items that I didn't have coupons for and I price-checked at Lowes Food and Harris Teeter before leaving the house. I wrote down the lowest price at either store and then trekked off to Walmart. I ended up getting all but three items on my list. I didn't use any coupons so my receipt doesn't show that I saved any money, but I am adding up the amount I saved simply by shopping at Walmart rather than LF or HT for these items.

Mountain Dew (12-pack)
FP $2.50 (saved $2.49)

White House applesauce
FP $2.00 (this is actually on sale right now at HT for the same price - saved 0)

Blue Bonnet butter
FP $1.00 (saved $0.85)

Kidney beans
FP $0.68 (this is on sale right now at HT for the same price - saved 0)

McCormick minced garlic
FP $2.08 (saved $0.10)

FP $1.49 (saved $0.10)

FP $0.97/lb (saved $1.02/lb)

Parents Choice baby wipes
FP $1.97 (saved $0.82)

Total spent - $16.30
Total I would have spent had I bought these items at another store - $24.57
Total saved - $8.27

For $8.00, it was worth it to me to get these items. The applesauce and the baby wipes were a "spontaneous" purchase but the applesauce will be great to take with us on vacation for Brianna to eat, and I used our last disposable wipe this morning. I do use the cloth wipes here, but I'm sure those who babysit for Brianna would prefer disposables. :)

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