Thursday, July 1, 2010

$100 Grocery Challenge

The months are flying by! June has come and gone, so let's see if we made our $100 grocery challenge this month...


Final shopping total - $292.77
OOP - $85.71
Saved - $207.06 (about 71%)

On to July. I am still sticking with a $100 grocery budget. In June, even though I spent less on groceries we spent way more than usual on eating out because we went on vacation. We probably spent over two months' worth of grocery budget just on eating out which makes me nauseous but hey, that's what summer is all about I guess!!

Here's hoping July will be another under-budget month like June!


jessica said...

I'm curious, What do you include your "Grocery Budget"? Do you include your Drug Store trips?



Amanda said...

I wanted to include my drug store trips in that budget but it got too confusing with rebates and register rewards. Do you include those in your budget? I think it would be easier to include Rite Aid because a rebate's a rebate, but Walgreens is difficult because RR aren't exactly a rebate. Know what I mean?

Amanda said...

I only answered half your question. My grocery budget does not include drug store trips, but does include diapers/wipes/baby food etc., all grocery store/dollar store/Walmart visits, etc. I also like to include our eating out at restaurants unless we are on vacation or something like that, but I don't blog about it. Our budget is really just a goal for now, (doesn't matter if we do go over it) so I'm much more relaxed with it than most people are I'm sure.