Saturday, July 31, 2010

Walgreens (Fed By Faith)

I had a cash donation and wanted to get some more school supplies and other miscellaneous items for Fed By Faith! I heard from my reliable source that the families who got the recent school supplies were really happy to get them!

Pencils (x2)
SP/FP - $0.79

Dried fruit

SP/FP - $0.50

SP/FP - $0.59

SP $0.79. After Wags coupon, FP - $0.39

Ajax dish liquid
RP $1.99. After Wags coupon, FP - $0.89

Elmer's glue
SP $0.99. After Wags coupon, FP - $0.59

Notebook paper
SP $1.49. After Wags coupon, FP - $0.59

RP $0.99. SP $0.09. I was incorrectly charged full price for these, so will exchange these soon for the correct price.

Final shopping total - $29.00
OOP - $14.70
Saved - $14.30 (about 49%)
When I get correct pricing on the portfolios, my OOP will be $9.75.

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