Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rite Aid

RP/FP - $1.00

Rite Aid diapers
(trial pack)
RP $0.99. SP $0.89. Minus $1.00 coupon (in previous trial pack). FP - Free

Facial tissue
(6-pack) (x3) (for Fed By Faith)
RP/FP - $1.00

Harvard pencils (10-pack) (x3) (for Fed By Faith)
RP $0.99. SP/FP - $0.33

Used a $2.00 Wellness reward and a $1.00 Wellness reward.

Final shopping total - $8.04
OOP - $1.96
Saved - $6.08 (about 76%)

Just a note for those who have kids in diapers - this is a great deal I have found recently... some Rite Aids carry the trial packs of diapers (2 in a pack) for $0.89 and each package has a $1.00 coupon in it... so buy one pack, use the coupon from that package for your next package, etc etc. Free diapers! Yes you're only buying 2 at a time, but if you shop at Rite Aid frequently, even just once a week, it is totally worth it! Just so you know I have been getting them at the one on US1, they are with the other diapers. Have not checked at other local stores. Also they tend to have larger sizes, but free is free!!

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