Friday, September 17, 2010

Food Lion

Era laundry detergent (for Fed By Faith)
RP $3.99. SP $1.99. Minus $1.00 coupon. FP - $0.99

Shake n Bake

RP $2.75. SP $1.67. Minus $0.75 coupon. FP - $0.92

Kraft salad dressing

RP $2.79. SP $2.00. Minus $0.55 coupon. FP - $1.45

Holly Farms chicken drumsticks

RP $4.95. SP $3.03. Minus $3.00 wyb Shake n Bake and Kraft dressing. FP - $0.03

Campbells soup

RP $0.79. SP/FP - $0.39

Used $1.00 OYNO coupon.

Final shopping total - $15.48
OOP - $2.99
Saved - $12.49 (about 81%)

I RARELY shop at Food Lion anymore. In fact the last time I posted on this blog about Food Lion was in May!!! Every so often I get produce from there but I don't blog if I just get one item. The only reason I went this time was because someone was kind enough to give me a $1.00 coupon OYNO and I wanted to use it. Then it turned out mom was going to the new Whispering Pines store so I thought it would be nice for us to go together.

I did find that great deal - Buy 1 Shake n Bake (there are $0.55 coupons in All You) and 1 Kraft dressing ($0.55 coupons in newspapers) and get $3.00 off any Holly Farms chicken. I just chose one that was just over $3.00 and I believe there are 8-10 drumsticks in that package. I consider that a great deal! So check it out if you are in need of those items - this deal runs through Tuesday!

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