Saturday, January 29, 2011

Harris Teeter

Pepsi products (x5)
RP $6.29. SP Buy 2, Get 3 Free. FP - $2.52 each

Extra gum
RP $1.19. Minus $0.75 coupon (found on FP - Free

RP $0.99. Minus $0.50 coupon. FP - Free

Campbells cream of potato soup
- $1.00

Bananas - $0.83

White potatoes
(marked down produce) (4.88 lb)
On sale for $0.25/lb - $1.22

(marked down produce) (2 lbs)
On sale for $0.69/lb - $1.44

Yoplait yogurt

RP $0.75. SP $0.40. Used free coupon. FP - Free

Final shopping total - $43.95
OOP - $18.29
Saved - $25.66 (about 58%)

I have already gone WAY over my $100 budget for the month but I can't pass up Mountain Dews when they are Buy 2, Get 3 Free. Stephen drinks too many of them and that is the price I am always looking for when I buy 12-packs!

Same goes for the produce - I only have two potatoes left in my pantry (we eat tons of potatoes) and Stephen takes apples for lunch (Brianna will eat them too) so it would be crazy of me not to buy these things at such a cheap price.

I would buy a generic brand of cream of potato soup but have never seen one before. If you see one somewhere, please let me know!

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