Thursday, January 27, 2011

Make Your Own

Christmas presents!

Now, there are seven hundred zillion ways you can make your own Christmas presents. From food to crafts to cards... but I'm going to show you one craft that will get your kids involved and is a really inexpensive and cute Christmas present.

The reason I'm posting this so late is because we made these for all the grandparents and great-grandparents this year and it's only been just recently that they all received them!

P.S. I am such an amateur craft-er, so please forgive how obvious it is that I'm a beginner!

Items you will need: (for this particular layout)
red, green and yellow paint (available for less than $1 at Walmart/Target/Michaels/etc.)
wooden frame (mine cost $1.00 at Michaels)
wooden star (this was less than $0.25 at Michaels)
wooden tree (this was less than $0.25 at Michaels)

Paint the wooden frame red, paint the star yellow, and paint the tree green. Easy enough!

Hot glue each piece where you want it on the frame and put a picture of two adorable children in there! Or... whatever kind of picture you want! :)

Like I said, I made five of these for Brianna and Hunter's grands, and I made them all for under $10.00! Also, I do realize they're not the most beautiful things ever but that is because I am vastly under-skilled in the arts and crafts area! Trust me, if your family is anything like mine, skill doesn't matter. They just loved the idea... and the picture of the two cute kids!! :)

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