Monday, February 28, 2011

$100 Grocery Challenge

February has come and gone, so let's see if we made our $100 grocery challenge this month...


Final shopping total - $359.88
OOP - $101.09
Saved - $258.79 (about 72%)

February 2010 totals:

Final shopping total - $419.28
OOP - $88.92
Saved - $330.36 (about 79%)

Also, remember I am now doing a Walgreens/Rite Aid challenge, basically just wanting to make enough money throughout the month doing miscellaneous things to make up for any purchases I make at drug stores.

In February, I spent $70.56.

I made $24.64 through Ebay.
I made $5.00 through Swagbucks.
I made $90.40 in checks from rebates, mystery shopping and online surveys.

So technically, I didn't pay anything for any of my drug store purchases! AND made up for the $1.09 I overspent on groceries. :)

We spent $36.13 eating out. We only ate out twice though!

I spent $101.06 just on gas. Yowza!!

I spent $74.00 on miscellaneous purchases, which included ink for my printer (so expensive!), some items for my Secret Sister at church, batteries, and other little things like that.

How did you do in January?

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