Thursday, February 10, 2011

Super Doubles

Harris Teeter is supposed to start Super Doubles on 2/16! This is great particularly because I'm doing a coupon seminar in Candor on 2/18 so hopefully I can let them know about some great deals!

I'll try to start looking when I'm at the store to see which sales are going to continue through that week of Super Doubles. If you see anything let me know so I can post it! Don't forget there is a page on my actual blog (you have to click through from a RSS feed) for Super Double deals.

Harris Teeter is COMPLETELY reorganizing the store. I walked down the baby aisle yesterday to get my free formula and there were crackers! Then I walked down the snack aisle to get Pringles and there was Coke! The yogurt is where the cheese was. Everything's different and it messes me up because I organize my trips to HT by aisle. I have to re-learn everything now!

Also, there are a crazy amount of items being clearanced. Don't be like me and leave your coupons at home when you go to the store, bring them ALL with you because you never know what awesome deals you will find in the clearance carts! HT is one of the few stores that allows you to use coupons on clearance items so take advantage of that!


Jordan said...

Where is the coupon seminar?? How do we find out more information on it? I would love to go!

Amanda said...

I'm actually doing a seminar (I use that term VERY loosely!!) for the parents of children at Candor Head Start, trying to help them stretch their money!!

I would LOVE to do another one for personal friends! Maybe in March?

Jordan said...

Ooo! Yay! That would be awesome!