Friday, March 4, 2011

Harris Teeter

RP $2.19. SP (eVIC) - $1.49

Similac (x3)
RP $4.75. Minus $5.00 coupon. FP - Free (+ overage)

Bananas - $0.49

Marie Callendar Bake (part of Meal Deal)
RP $6.99. Minus $1.00 coupon. FP - $5.99

Harris Teeter garlic bread (part of Meal Deal)
RP $2.49. SP - Free

Harris Teeter ice cream cones (part of Meal Deal)
RP $2.99. SP - Free

Harris Teeter frozen veggies (part of Meal Deal)
RP $2.00. SP - Free

Totinos pizza (x3)
RP $2.00. SP $0.99. Minus $0.50/3 coupon. FP - $0.66 each

Harris Teeter milk - $2.59

RP $1.00. Minus $0.50 coupon. FP - Free

Final shopping total - $26.59
OOP - $12.38
Saved - $14.21 (about 53%)

I had actually planned on spending about $18 but I was able to save some extra money! I was going to buy Spaghettios for Brianna but when I got to the store and really thought about it... they don't go off sale for quite a while, and although I have a coupon, there's no expiration date on the coupon. So since she doesn't always eat these I decided to wait and see if they go cheaper somewhere else! Also, I was going to get two Smart Balance butter spreads because they were on sale for BOGO ($1.99 for both). Really not a bad price, although I just KNEW we didn't really need butter right now. I checked my mail on the way to the store, and wouldn't you know it - a coupon for a FREE tub of Land o Lakes butter!! It doesn't expire for a few months so now I didn't feel so rushed to pay for butter! I saved my free coupon and I'll go get some when we're actually running low. God is good - he always provides and helps me save money!!

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