Friday, March 11, 2011

Make Your Own

Curlicue Candle Holder!

This is a pretty cute idea for a candle holder that I've been wanting to try for some time. I finally got around to it!

All you need is an aluminum energy-drink can, or basically any long, slender aluminum can that's 8-12 ounces. I don't think the fat cans like Coke or Mountain Dew would work as well for this craft.

Using a sharp knife, carefully cut off the top half of the can. Use scissors to snip 10 evenly spaced slits from the open end to the base of the can. With pliers, roll each slit down and under, making a curled border. Place a tea light inside.

Verdict: It's cute, but I don't think it's really a craft to do with kids. Cutting with sharp knives? Cutting aluminum cans with scissors? That's a recipe for disaster. But if you're throwing a party and need some extra lighting, these are great to make in a snap. I made one in about 3 minutes, and if I had paid more attention to making the slits exactly even I think it would have been really cute. Plus, great thing is, you're finding ways to reuse and then you can still dispose of the can later.

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