Saturday, March 26, 2011


With Walmart's new coupon policy, I have been able to make a few shopping trips for items that I really needed, but didn't have a coupon for. Thanks to the overage from other coupons I am paying much less for these items! I have to admit, I'm loving this!!

Gain dryer sheets (x2)
RP $1.87. Minus $3.00 coupon. FP - $1.13 overage each

Coffee filters (100) - $1.88

Bacon bits - $2.44

Bananas (0.52/lb) $0.80

Perdue chicken nuggets
RP $2.98. Minus $3.00 coupon (sent from Perdue). FP - $0.02 overage

Millstone coffee (small packets) (x8)
RP $1.64. Minus $2.00 coupon. FP - $0.36 overage each

Reach floss
RP $0.97. Minus $1.00 coupon (Harris Teeter catalina). FP - $0.03 overage

Final shopping total - $26.83
Total paid out of pocket - $0.83

Also, today I had NO PROBLEMS using my coupons, even the catalina. It's a first!! I don't expect that to be a trend though.

What great deals have you found at Walmart??

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