Monday, April 4, 2011

$100 Grocery Challenge

March has come and gone, so let's see if we made our $100 grocery challenge this month...


Final shopping total - $389.47
OOP - $101.73
Saved - $287.74 (about 74%)

March 2010 totals:

Final shopping total - $430.09
OOP - $116.23
Saved - $313.86 (about 73%)

Also, remember I am now doing a Walgreens/Rite Aid challenge, basically just wanting to make enough money throughout the month doing miscellaneous things to make up for any purchases I make at drug stores.

In March, I spent $42.02.

I made $78.57 through Ebay.
I made $5.00 through Swagbucks.
I made $143.40 in checks from rebates, mystery shopping and online surveys.

So technically, I didn't pay anything for any of my drug store purchases! AND made up for the $1.73 I overspent on groceries. :)

We spent $83.12 eating out. (We had some family come into town.)

How did you do in March?

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