Saturday, April 16, 2011

Food Lion

To make a long story short... there was a coupon recently for $3 off your $6 produce order. I didn't have enough produce to make $6, so I had to run away from the line and get about 2 1/2 extra pounds of pears (@ $1.29/lb) to make up the difference. When I came back to the line, my cashier told me he had just pushed the coupon through. I offered to take the pears back but he said not to worry about it! I got all those pears for free! For that reason, they are not listed on my receipt. So blessed when things like that happen!

Kraft mac and cheese (x2)
RP $1.25. SP $1.00. FP - $1.00 each (This was being advertised for $0.65. Not sure why it didn't ring up correctly but I didn't notice it until just now so there's nothing I can do now.

Bananas - $0.54

Carrots - $0.28

Gala apples - $3.76

Used $3.00 produce coupon.

Final shopping total - $9.94
OOP - $3.45
Saved - $6.38 (I probably saved close to $10 if you count the pears, too!)

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