Saturday, April 30, 2011


This is another example of using Walmart's coupon policy to our advantage. We needed some things for our garden and used the overage from some coupons to pay for it!

New hose nozzle - $2.47
Cucumber seeds - $1.00
Green bean seeds - $1.00
Strawberry plants - $1.50
(on clearance!)
Degree deo travel size - +$0.03 (travel size is $0.97, had two $1.00 coupons)
Similac formula - $1.16 (had six coupons)

Should have paid $32.02.
OOP - $0.02

Except the cashier said he had two cents, so I didn't end up paying anything! Woot woot!

Have you had great experiences at Walmart lately since they've changed their coupon policy?

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