Thursday, May 26, 2011


Say what?? That's right, I finally made my way over to the Commissary at Ft. Bragg! I needed to go on base anyway so my mom, Brianna and I went while my dad watched Hunter. Mom and I were pleasantly surprised by some prices and very disappointed in others. We both agreed you must know a good price for all products so you know if the things there are a good deal. I will put the deals that I got on here so that if any of you have the opportunity to go, you know what to look for and can refer here for the few things I got.

Hamburger Helper whole grain honey mustard chicken - $1.75 (I've never seen these anywhere else before so I don't know if that's a good price. I do know that a regular HH at Lowes Foods is $1.79 and at Harris Teeter it is $1.85.)

Spaghettios (x2) - $0.69 each ($0.99 at Lowes Foods, $1.00 at Harris Teeter)

Philadelphia cooking creme (x3) - $1.50 minus $1.50 coupon - Free ($3.15 at Lowes Foods, $2.99 at Harris Teeter)

Yogurt (x3) - $0.50 each ($0.50 is cheapest at Lowes Foods, $0.45 is cheapest at Harris Teeter)

Tyson chicken nuggets - (x3) - $2.99 minus $1.00 coupon - $1.99 each ($6.59 at Lowes Foods, $7.59 at Harris Teeter)

Banquet chicken pot pie (x2) - $0.59 each ($0.88 at Lowes Foods, $0.89 at Harris Teeter)

Onions - on clearance for $2.00; 2.5 lbs ($0.80/lb) - $2.00 ($0.99/lb at Lowes Foods, $0.82/lb at Harris Teeter)

Apples (gala) - $0.99/lb - $1.27 ($1.99/lb at Lowes Foods, $1.99/lb at Harris Teeter)

Final shopping total - $25.13
OOP - $17.63
Saved - $7.50 (about 31%)

But as you can see I got things much cheaper there than at other stores, so my savings were more than what showed on the receipt, which is just the coupon savings.

I'll never drive to Fayetteville just to go grocery shopping. But it was really interesting to see the prices on many items. Do any of you shop there or have a lot of commissary shopping experience?


Jacquie said...

I'm just learning how to use coupons correctly and since I've only lived in NC for just a little over a year, the commissary (if name brand is a must) and wal-mart (if their brand is cheaper but still great quality) is where I do my shopping. Hopefully I will be able to learn a thing or two from you and go from there

Amanda said...

Unfortunately the commissary is too far away for me to shop regularly, but if I find any great deals at Walmart I will be sure to post them!