Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mail Call

  • July issue of Car and Driver (free subscription)
  • free sample of ZonePerfect bar
  • June 13/20 issue of Newsweek (free subscription)
  • Check for a survey (not sure what company this was from)
  • July issue of Martha Stewart Living (free subscription)
  • July issue of Outside magazine (free subscription)
  • July issue of Food & Wine magazine (free subscription)
  • Rebate for Renew vitamins
  • Rite Aid rebate check for April
  • July issue of Guitar Player (free subscription)
  • Summer issue of Tennis magazine (free subscription)
  • July issue of Field and Stream (free subscription)
  • check from Pinecone Research (x2)
  • July issue of Ebony (free subscription)

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