Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blockbuster Express Codes

I was driving around Aberdeen tonight and realized our Blockbuster went out of business. When, I'm not sure, but I only noticed today...

I mentioned something about it online and Melody told me we have Blockbuster Express here now. I knew we had Redbox but didn't know we had the Blockbuster ones. Am I that out of touch!?!?

If you are oblivious like me, there is a Blockbuster Express by the Rite Aid on US1, the Food Lion in Pinecrest Plaza, and the Food Lion in Seven Lakes.

There are always codes online for free movies from these kiosks but I've never posted them because I didn't realize we even had them. I live quite far from Seven Lakes, and have only been to the other Food Lion once in the past year, so I'm not surprised I haven't seen them there. And considering I haven't been to that Rite Aid in almost a month (and then I only used the drive-through to refill a prescription) I guess I do have a good excuse for not knowing this. :)

So now I know. Now you know. Thanks Melody!

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