Monday, July 25, 2011

Organizing the "Right" Way

Okay, I get it. It is really hard to get organized. You have to get motivated, you have to have great ideas of what you want to happen, you have to get off your tookas and do something. And organization can be really overwhelming when you see all these ideas floating around on the internet. So I'm going to give you some advice that I got from the girl who knows everything about organizing.

You will know your way is working for you when:

  • You can find what you need when you need it within 1-2 minutes.
  • You can successfully walk through your house and it not feel like a maze through piles of clutter.
  • You can pay bills on time.
  • You aren't constantly replacing items you can't find.
  • You have some limits and boundaries to what you own so you don't become inundated with clutter.
  • You can manage your time and aren't constantly running around feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.
  • You are maximizing the space available to you.
  • You are using resources within your means to organize your space now rather than living in chaos until you can afford more expensive options.
She says - it's not wrong to not like plastic containers. It's not wrong to store your cereal in your car if that's where you always need it. A system isn't going to work unless it works for you. If it works for you, it definitely can't be wrong.

Just wanted to share that wisdom, now go check out her awesome blog!

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