Sunday, August 7, 2011

$100 Grocery Challenge

Wow, I can't believe it, but July has come and gone (and I am WAY behind I know!), so let's see if we made our $100 grocery challenge this month...


Final shopping total - $147.28
OOP - $97.57
Saved -$49.71 (about 38%)

July 2010 totals:

Final shopping total - $208.56
OOP - $109.27
Saved - $99.29 (about 48%)

Can you believe I only saved 38% this month!?!? Wow. Why is that, you ask? I wasn't able to factor in a lot of my savings. For example, I now buy eggs from a friend at church. I save about $0.70 buying them from him instead of at the store (and I support someone local!) but I don't factor in those savings when I get eggs. I buy my watermelon and cantaloupes from a roadside stand down the street, which saves me money but I don't factor in those savings either. And three times I did my shopping at Walmart and Family Dollar, so I saved a bunch of money by shopping there but it doesn't show on the receipt. Anyway, I guess it doesn't really matter as much as the fact that I still stayed under the $100 mark. I'm thinking that's going to change one day soon... prices aren't getting any lower around here!!

Also, remember I am now doing a Walgreens/Rite Aid challenge, basically just wanting to make enough money throughout the month doing miscellaneous things to make up for any purchases I make at drug stores.

In July, I spent $62.79.

I made $29.92 through Ebay. (I only listed a few items again this month... it was a busy month!)
I made $71.03 in checks from rebates, mystery shopping, selling at secondhand stores, and online surveys. I made $30.00 from Swagbucks.

So technically, I didn't pay anything for any of my drug store purchases!

How did you do in July?

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