Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My "Little Things"

I think people enjoy seeing the sometimes absurd lengths I will go to in order to save a buck (i.e. squeezing restaurant ketchup packets into our ketchup bottle at home.)

Here is a page for your guilty pleasure. These are the little things I do to save money that don't really have anything to do with couponing, it's just lifestyle changes we have made. As I think of more to add to this page I will add on to it. But I wanted to discuss one of my points on here.

I rarely use trash bags. Has anyone else noticed how freakin' expensive trash bags are?? It is RIDICULOUS, and with even just four people in our family we can go through some major bags! So, I thought to myself, if we can use a less amount of bags, we can pay less for that grocery item!!

We have five trash cans in our house which is pretty ridiculous in the first place. Thankfully only one of them has a "real" trash bag in it. The other four have plastic bags, and the one upstairs never, ever gets used so it never gets emptied, and the one in the laundry room is only used to empty dryer lint into. But I will tell you my dirty little secret about how to cut down even on using plastic bags...

I use anything I can to put trash in.

You know how when you get your newspaper it comes in a handy little plastic bag?

I turn that into a trash bag.

You know how your sandwich bread comes in a nifty little plastic bag?

I turn that into a trash bag.

Then I just take these bags to the dump with the rest of my trash. We also recycle everything from paper to milk cartons to plastic, and sell our aluminum and tin cans, and compost food, which cuts way down on trash can use as well.

Who else does this?

And seriously, raise your hand if you squeeze ketchup packets into your squeeze bottles at home...

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