Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dust Fighters

Found this article in an older issue of Good Housekeeping - thought I'd share.

Dust Fighters - 5 Foolproof ways to keep specks from accumulating.

1) Beat Back Invisible Invaders - Toss throw pillows, blankets, stuffed animals and curtains in the dryer on the "air fluff" cycle for 15 minutes to banish dust. To kill dust mites, wash and dry with heat - water at least 130 degrees, the "high" setting on most dryers.

2) Don't Use a Feather Duster - It only spreads dust around.

3) Grab What You've Got - A clean paintbrush whisks dust from pleated lampshades, wood chairs, railings and picture frames. A blow-dryer on "cool" cleans books, knickknacks, and books (real or not). Rubber gloves, dampened, sweep up pet hair from upholstery. A clean white sock wipes closed mini blinds.

4) End the Dusting Debates -
  • Damp vs. Dry - A slightly moist cloth attracts and traps dust; a dry one pushes it around. Plus, since dust particles are abrasive, dry rubbing can scratch furniture over time. A little water works fine, even on wood. The exception: Moisture and electronics don't mix.
  • Spray Your Cloth vs. Spray Your Furniture - Apply a small amount of polishing product to the cloth, then tackle the furniture. Spritz directly on surfaces, and you're likely to use too much, requiring extra buffing with a clean cloth (and buying polish more often). Fail to remove it all, and the smeary residue attracts more dust.
  • Dust vs. Vacuum First - Dust obeys gravity, so start by wiping the highest surfaces; let the dust settle, then work your way down.
5) Suck It Up! - Don't forget your upholstery - it's a major breeding ground for dust mites. How to deal: Use your vacuum's fabric attachment on all sides of the cushions as well as on the platform underneath.

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