Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Make Your Own

Fabric Softener!

I haven't paid for fabric softener in probably 1 1/2 - 2 years simply because I stocked up during sales. Unfortunately, a few days ago I found myself at the end of my Purex Crystals with no good sales in sight.

Enter: homemade fabric softener! Who knew how easy it was to make?

What You Will Need:

1 cup baking soda
2 cups hot water
1 cup white vinegar

Mix the baking soda with the water. Stir until it is well mixed - but it's not going to completely dissolve.

Add the vinegar. It should start bubbling up. Stir until it is well mixed.

Add 1/4 cup to your rinse cycle.

Bam! You're done! You can even use it in a Downy ball if you have one of those (p.s. you can't use a Downy ball in a front loader).

I store mine in a mason jar so I can shake it before I measure my 1/4 cup.

Seriously... not buying fabric softener again unless it's free.

*Note: If you want to add essential oil to this you can. Essential oil tends to be fairly expensive but you'd probably only need 10-15 drops anyway, so it might be worth it to you. Also, I got my recipe for this from Hallee.


Sally said...

I'll have to try this. I believe that even vinegar by itself is a natural fabric softener. And it's a natural germ killer, so I just pour a little into the fabric softener dispenser. Started doing it with cloth diapers and never stopped!

Amanda said...

I had always heard to do vinegar for cloth diapers but I just never did it. Considering the fact that Hunter will probably use cloth diapers longer than Bri did (since boys tend to potty train later) it's going to work in my favor to start doing this now. :) Better late than never!