Saturday, November 5, 2011

Update on Michaels Blowout!

I went back to Michaels today and bought so. much. stuff. I seriously want to go back again and keep digging through the clearance bins!! Seriously, you need to go check this out, particularly if you have kids, teach kids, do Angel Tree, do stockings, do Operation Christmas Child, any and all of the above! Let me tell you a little about what I got:

All this for $10.00 and the regular price would have been around $45 or so.

I got crafts to do with the kids next Halloween, ranging from $0.20 to $0.40. I got giant pens for their stockings for $0.20. I got memo pads for Bri ($0.20), 2 kites ($0.40 each), bubbles for Evan's birthday ($0.40 - I should probably be embarrassed that my sister might read this but I'm sure she'll appreciate my savings!), suncatchers to color when the kids get older ($0.40), maracas for Evan ($0.20... again, my sister will appreciate this!), rubber ducks for the kids' stockings ($0.20 each), stamps and stamp pads for crafts ($0.20 each), notecards for me ($0.01 - 0.20 each), magnetic grocery list pads (I love these - $0.20), glow stick necklaces for trick-or-treating next year ($0.89), cupcake liners ($0.01), and some other cute things that can be used for presents for future secret sisters ($0.40)!!!

Seriously... one cent for some things! I'm begging you to go check this out, although I'm not sure why because I definitely want to go back and get more stuff!!!

Oh, and the Halloween stuff was only 60% off, so savings will increase in the next few days I'm sure!

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