Thursday, February 9, 2012

Frugal Tip - Repair Things

It just goes without saying, if something in your house breaks, and you can repair it instead of replacing it, that is smart because it will save you money.

This is a small example but you'll get my point. My friend Allison has an amazing consignment store here in town. When things come in that are too worn for her to sell, she gives them to me for Fed By Faith. Occasionally something might have a rip or a stain, and she can't sell those items. One such item was this really sweet shirt that just happened to be Brianna's size! I kept looking over it trying to figure out why Allison wouldn't sell it. Then I saw - one button was missing!

Well, we can fix that, right? I popped off all the other buttons except one and got out my button jar. I got a mixture of white, pink and purple buttons and sewed them on in random order down the shirt.

Voila! A new shirt that is unique, just like my beautiful girl. :) I'm glad we were able to give this shirt a second chance!

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