Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Michael's is having some more great stuff on clearance right now - even some of their Valentine's Day stuff! These are the cool items I got today when I stopped in just to look around (we see how that worked out!)

I haven't decided what I'm doing for the kids for Valentine's Day yet, but I'm thinking about making them a very very very small basket of surprises. I mean very small. Like "I don't have a budget set aside for stuff like this" small. So I'm sure you know I was very excited to find these cute little "growing" guys for $0.25 each. Everyone's seen them before, you just stick them in water and they grow to full size. Cheap but hours of entertainment for my kids to watch a bowl of water. Score one for me!

Then I decided I wanted each kid to do a craft for Stephen. Nothing corny and something fun for us to do together too. So I got a very beautiful, glittery foam princess bear for Brianna to make for him, and a very masculine clay (pink) monkey for Hunter to do for him. The foam bear kit was just $1.99 and the clay monkey kit was $1.49 on clearance. I do have another surprise they are going to do for him that shouldn't cost anything, so I don't mind spending that amount of money.

I found these Crayola Color Wonder markers - five in a pack on clearance for $0.75!! Stephen's mom bought this for Brianna last year and she loves it. So obsessed with it. And it's great for Hunter now that he is coloring too. These might go in the Valentine's treat bags for them or they might get saved for Bri's birthday in April. Not sure yet.

Okay yes, I am the biggest dork ever, but I saw these and had to have them!! They are Crayola dry-erase flash cards!! They are supposed to be for learning colors so I almost didn't get them since Bri already knows her colors, but then I opened them up and they look so fun!!

They look really interactive and I am such a nerd that I can't wait to do these with her! (And then Hunter in the future!) I want to save these for her birthday but I'm not sure I can wait that long...  This was on clearance for $1.29!

I got a candle for my Secret Sister for $0.25! And then I got a 40-pack of notecards for $2.50 (on clearance). I know $2.50 seems like a lot but it comes out to only $0.06 per card which I think is definitely worth it. I send out a lot of cards!!

So on all of this I spent $9 which I feel like isn't too bad. This is why I don't go to Michael's more often though - I spend way too much time and money in there!

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