Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Price Book

I have recommended before to people (particularly during coupon seminars) the importance of keeping a price book. Keeping a price book can be really detailed and aggravating, or it can be somewhat simple and very helpful. A price book is basically keeping track of the pricing on items at different stores (some people even keep track of how often these items go on sale, etc.) so that you always know what a good price on items is.

My price book is pretty simple. I keep track of items that we buy often, but not often enough that I can remember what a good price is. For example, I don't have grapes on my price list, because I know my "price" I am willing to pay for grapes (in my case, I won't pay more than $1.99/lb). But for some reason I can never remember what a good price is for bacon.

I don't know how many of you keep a price book, but at least for the month of February, I plan on posting more blogs about my shopping trips, even when I'm not buying things on sale or with a coupon. That way, when I go out and buy aluminum foil for $1.00 you can decide if that's a good price for you or not, and you can add it to your price book if you have one.

I hope this helps all of us, even though it will make for some pretty boring blog posts. :)

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Sally said...

What a great idea! I've done that informally for certain things (like diapers, b/c box size differences) and some "wish" items, but not as a permanent part of shopping. Thanks for your helpful tips!