Friday, February 24, 2012


Yesterday I went into Walmart just to buy Mountain Dew and they had their asparagus for $1.98/lb. Score! Just FYI, if you're hungerin' for some asparagus, like we always are!

Another tip - I hate to urge you to shop at Walmart, but I just want to say, if you buy a lot of soda, they are the place to go. Their sodas are far, far cheaper than other stores. Fortunately I don't drink soda and neither do our kids, but Stephen drinks enough Mountain Dew for the rest of us! We purchase a lot of Mountain Dew every month, and the 24-packs at Walmart are $6.48 which is $0.27 per can. When you compare that to Harris Teeter ($0.50/can) or Food Lion ($0.46/can) or the other choices (it's even more expensive at the commissary!) we only buy our Mt. Dew from Walmart. Just another tip!!

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