Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cleaning Your Glass Top Stove

So, the other night I had a late night mystery shop, so I made dinner for the family in the crockpot so my hubby didn't have to worry about what to feed the kids. Unfortunately, the next morning, when I began cooking breakfast on the stove, I realized he had forgotten to tell me that some of the yummy sauce from the chicken had spilled onto the stove. Thus, it was cooking/burning while I was making breakfast. Meaning my stove looked like this:

I know - gross, right??  But, have no fear. Remember I told you I am addicted to Pinterest now. I'd been waiting for two whole days for the perfect opportunity to use this magical stove cleaning recipe and here was my opportunity!

What you need:
  • A bowl filled with hot soapy water
  • Baking soda
  • Cleaning rag (I actually had 3 on hand; I'll explain why)
  • Gloves (Great tip - baking soda will kill your hands. I found this out when I started making fabric softener.)
Fill the bowl with hot, soapy water. Just use regular old dish soap. Submerge one of your rags in the bowl and get it wet.

Apply baking soda in generous amount all over the area you want to clean. Pull the rag out of the soapy water and give it a good squeeze. You want it to be soggy but not soaking wet. Lay it over the baking soda.

Wait about 15 minutes.

Swirl the rag around in circles, using the baking soda paste as a scrub. Dry up the surface (this is where I used rag #2) and then shine it up using glass cleaner (where I used rag #3).

I ended up doing the whole stove because this side looked so much better after I had cleaned it. Make sure you don't put too much baking soda on, because it will leave a white residue that you'll have to clean again and then let dry to see if it's all gone. Another tip from making fabric softener - I found white residue all over my kitchen the first time I made it!

It doesn't get any easier and cheaper than this. So try it for yourself!

Original instructions from here.

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