Saturday, March 24, 2012

Free Printables - "L Is For Lorax"

I am always on the lookout for things to do with Brianna (almost 3 years old) so when I can find free stuff to do I am all over it! Also, one of her favorite books is The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. Unfortunately for her she won't see the movie for a long, long time, but that won't stop us from doing some Lorax activities that are coming out! A great blog, 2 Teaching Mommies, offers a free printable packet of activities to do with your children. Obviously I couldn't wait to get started on these things!

The first activity we did in this packet was a sorting game. Brianna knows her uppercase letters really well, but she gets confused sometimes about the lowercase letters for some reason. So this was a cute sorting game, just to separate the uppercase "X" and lowercase "x". Also, you can't go wrong with glue for a 2-year old.

The other activity in the packet we got to do today was a number order puzzle. I thought she'd like this one a lot and she did! The key to doing activities with small kids is definitely patience and being aware of their attention span though - we did half of this earlier this afternoon and finished it after her bath tonight!

This one was cool because you cut up the puzzle and your child has to match up the correct numbers (only goes up to 20) to make the puzzle come together. And involves glue again, so, YAY!

I definitely recommend these for your kids! I see now there is a "tot" printable unit for Lorax on that website so I may try those out as well. A couple of the activities in this packet are things I need craft supplies for, so I'll be putting those off for a while. Let me know if you used these and enjoyed them!

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