Friday, March 16, 2012

Kids Craft - 4 Leaf Clover

Even though Brianna's too young to understand St. Patrick's Day, I decided to do an easy craft with her to celebrate the holiday, just as an excuse to do a craft together! I found a really easy one on one of my favorite websites, and even better - I had all the materials for it on hand! I love free crafts :)  I would think this would be the kind of craft that even if you have to buy something for it, it would still be pretty cheap.

What you'll need:
  • 2 pieces of construction paper (I used white and pink, but you can use white and any other color.)
  • Green crayons
  • Glue
  • Glitter glue (green if you have it)
  • Scissors
On the white piece of construction paper, draw four hearts and one rectangle. Have your child color the shapes with the crayons.

Then give them the blank sheet of construction paper. Give them the glitter glue and let them go crazy with it. We found that our glitter glue was really hard for Brianna to squeeze, so I did have to help her some with this part of the craft. While the child is using the glitter glue, you can cut out the colored hearts and rectangle.

Give your child the regular glue so the shapes can be glued down. I did have to help Brianna some with this too because she's never seen a 4 leaf clover! But it was pretty easy for her to understand how to put it together.

Such an easy craft, but we had so much fun doing it! If your kids are too young to know shapes, it would be good for showing them the hearts and rectangle shapes.

Seriously check out No Time For Flashcards. She is amazing.

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