Friday, March 30, 2012

Kids Craft - A Spring Bouquet

I got this craft from Highlights magazine. It looked so easy, Brianna and I just had to do it!

You should be able to click on this picture to enlarge it if you want to. That is the original instructions, scanned.

 But - so, so easy you probably won't need to look at those instructions!

You will need:
  • tissue paper (any color)
  • twist ties
  • twigs
  • clean, empty can or jar
Before you begin, cut the tissue paper into 2-inch squares.

After you've cut out your squares, make a flower by tying a twist tie around the center of a tissue-paper square.

Use the twist tie to attach the flower to a twig.

Put your flowered branches in the clean can or jar.


My Mom brought over some beautiful flowers last night, so I was inspired to do this craft today. :)  I've put the flowers and vase on our piano and they look really cute!  Brianna loved picking out the twigs, although she didn't quite have the dexterity to tie on all the flowers. Instead, she told me which colors to use and where to put them on our sticks. She loved doing the craft together and told me several times how beautiful our flowers were!  Loved doing this one together!

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