Thursday, April 26, 2012

Frugal Craft: Easter Egg Wreath

I got this idea from an old issue of Southern Living and I love it! It looked super easy and cheap to do, so obviously I was on board!

You will need:
  • A straw wreath (I got a 12" one from Michaels for $2.99 and I would advise you to use your 40% off coupon that is usually in the Sunday paper!)
  • Plastic eggs (I used a bunch of leftovers from past Easters, but I did have to buy one package - I paid $0.74 for it)
  • Ribbon (I got a roll for $1.00 from Michaels)
  • Glue gun

I did mine when my husband wasn't at home. This is why - look at how messy that straw wreath is!! He would have had a heart attack! :)

Decide where to hang your wreath and hammer in a nail at that point. Measure from the nail to where the top of the wreath will be; double that measurement, and add 6 inches for a knot. Cut ribbon to that length, loop the ribbon around the wreath, and tie a knot. We have a wreath hanger on our door, so I was able to skip this step. Thank goodness!

Attach plastic eggs to the straw wreath using a glue gun. Arrange the eggs so they completely cover the straw. (This is exactly what the instructions say - trust me when I say I believe that's impossible!) Adjust the ribbon knot so that it hides behind the wreath; then slip the loop of ribbon over your nail.

Try to convince your kids to sit still for a picture.

I'm sure there are several variations of this on the internet but this way from the magazine seemed so simple I don't think I would change a thing about it!

If you've done one of these in the past, share pictures please!

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Ken Loyd said...

I love it, and the kids look so proud and grown up. If you ever make one of these out of jelly bellies I'll help you UN-decorate it.