Friday, April 6, 2012

Frugal Easter Craft - M&M Easter Carrots

I saw this craft on this awesome blog, and when I saw she had bought all her materials from the Dollar Tree, I just had to run out and get the stuff to make these!

You will need:
  • Cellophane treat bags (I got these for $1.25 for 30 bags at Family Dollar)
  • Orange ribbon (I couldn't find orange ribbon at Dollar Tree or Family Dollar so I just used what I had on hand)
  • Green tissue paper (I got 6 sheets of colored tissue paper at Family Dollar for $1.00 - you will use less than one sheet probably, unless you make a lot)
  • M&Ms (you can get Easter M&Ms or whatever you want. I got regular M&Ms and they were $2.00 per bag at Family Dollar. Most expensive part of the craft!!)
  • Glue gun

 Waiting to start the craft is so boring, Mom.

Like I said, I got instructions for this craft from here, so if something I say doesn't make sense go check out her pictures.

My treat bags had places on the sides that expanded out. I glued mine shut.

Bring the left bottom corner over to the right and glue it with the hot glue.

 Bring that same side over again so it's in a cone shape. Glue it again.

Fill the cone shape with M&Ms. Make sure they only go down into the center pocket. I had to do some shaking to get mine down to the tip, because of the glue, but didn't have any problems.

Take your tissue paper and cut a 3x3 square. I used just one square for the first carrot, but for the rest of them I used two sheets stacked on top of each other just to have a bit more grass. Make slits in the tissue paper just over one half of the tissue paper.

Roll the tissue paper together at the bottom, where it's not cut. Stick it down into your cellophane bag and twist it. Tie the tissue paper into the bag using a piece of ribbon.


I am using these for snacks at our Easter drama at church. I only made 8 because I ran out of M&Ms though!! If I had any candy in the house I'd make some more but alas, I don't. Why? Because candy isn't on clearance right now, that's why!

So, price breakdown.

$0.04 per cellophane bag = $0.32
$0.17 per sheet of tissue paper = $0.09
Ribbon = free
Hot glue = free
M&Ms = $4.00 ($2.00/bag)

Total cost - $0.55 per carrot! Totally cute! And if I had other candy besides M&Ms to make more it would be even better. Or if M&Ms weren't so expensive, darn it!

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