Friday, May 18, 2012

FREE Sun Drop at Dollar General (through 5/20)

You can get free Sun Drop at Dollar General right now! The sale is 2/$2 (you have to buy 2 to get that price) and there was a $1.00/1 coupon in the 5/6 Smartsource!

I went to a couple of stores to get these babies. Thanks to my neighbor for supplying most of the coupons, and Mom for supplying me with a couple too! Gotta get Stephen's caffeine fix! :)

Sale price - 2/$2
Used $1.00 coupon
Final shopping total - $0.82 ($0.08 per 2 liter)
Saved - $12.40

P.S. Before you start calling me names ("hoarder!"), I did give the cashier some of my extra coupons and I plan on sharing these Sun Drops. Although Stephen does drink this particular soda and Mountain Dew at an alarming rate, we have no problem sharing. :)

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