Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Free Printable - ABC Exercise Cards

There is a free printable available right now that I absolutely love!  I like doing some kind of exercise with the kids every day if possible, from running after bubbles to the Wii Fit to dancing. Now I can include these SUPER fun ABC Exercise Cards!

I first saw these on this blog but the link to the actual creator of these cards is here. The entire packet about "My Body" was way too old for Brianna (3 years old) (it's for homeschooling) but she and Hunter (20 months) can't get enough of these exercise cards, and some of the songs included in the packet as well.

The first time we played with these, I simply spread out all the cards upside-down. The kids took turns picking one, yelling out the letter on it (well, not Hunter!), and then we did the exercise attached to the card. It could be anything from balancing on one foot to acting like an inchworm to pretending you are a volcano! We laughed so hard doing this activity!

There are tons of ways to play with these though. This blogger suggests having your kids spell their names out with the cards and then doing each exercise for their name, or hiding the cards around the room and doing the activity as you find the card. There really are tons of possibilities with this!

So what are you waiting for? Go print these out and have some fun!

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