Monday, June 17, 2013

A is for Alligator Craft

My kids, especially my 4-year old, love to do crafts. I'm not that handy when it comes to crafts but the internet is full of fun ideas that are easy and my favorite part - FRUGAL!

I saw this cute craft idea on Totally Tots but apparently the idea originates from one of my all-time favorite bloggers, No Time For Flashcards.

All you need:
  • Green foam or green construction paper
  • White foam triangles or white construction paper
  • Googly eyes (Go to the Dollar Tree, people!)
  • Glue
Cut an uppercase 'A' out of the foam sheet or construction paper. Also cut two triangles from the green paper to use for the eyes.

Cut small triangles out of the white foam or construction paper to use as teeth for the alligator.

Turn the 'A' onto its side and glue the green triangles to the 'A' so that they look like eyes popping up.

Glue googly eyes onto the the green triangles.

How easy is that!? But way too cute to pass up!

"Ooooooh, here comes the alligator!" (That's exactly what she was saying as I snapped this blurry pic!)

"Helloooooo, I'm an ALLIGATOR!", she growls here:

 Finished project is too cute!! (The glitter glue we used makes it look like our alligator has gingivitis!)

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