Thursday, January 21, 2010

Food Lion

Betty Crocker fruit snacks (x2)
SP/FP - $2.50

Food Lion spaghetti (8 oz) (x2)
RP/FP - $0.69

Home 360 transparent tape
RP/FP - $0.69

Final shopping total - $8.91
OOP - $1.41.
Saved - $7.50. (about 84%)

A few things about this trip. First of all, I had a $5.00 Food Lion coupon that needed to be used (from the Kraft catalina deal). Stephen takes fruit snacks in his lunch and I wanted to get them while they were on sale. So I got two of the Betty Crocker fruit snacks for that reason (on sale 2/$5). Meanwhile, they're also having a promotion for Food Lion brand items. If you purchase a certain amount of items, you get a certain amount back in the form of a coupon you can use on your next shopping trip. We just ran out of clear tape and we eat spaghetti all the time, so I just figured I'd buy these four items and get my $1.00 coupon off on my next order.

Well, my coupon didn't print out. When I asked the cashier about it, she shrugged and said, "Oh, my coupon printer doesn't work." Uhhh. How am I supposed to get my coupon? "I don't know. I guess just ask customer service." Okay. When I asked the girl at customer service about it she didn't even seem to know about the promotion - just took my word for it that I was supposed to receive a coupon. She just gave me $1.00 back instead of a coupon - fine with me.

Then, as I was entering this receipt I realized they charged me $2.79 each for the Betty Crocker snacks, if I'm reading it correctly. I am was going to call about that but Stephen rolled his eyes and said he'd give me $0.58. I compromised and said I would bring this receipt the next time I go to that FL. :)

I was reading on this incredibly helpful website about the promotion and I guess some Food Lions are doing these items 2/$5 and some are doing them BOGO. So for everyone local - I went to the one on US1, and all of those are 2/$5 as of tonight. Betty Crocker's website has coupons for $1 wyb 2. Food Lion (among other stores) also has a deal right now where you get a coupon back on your next order when you buy certain General Mills products. So if your family is like my family and devours these, you may want to get these now and stock up.

Buy 4 fruit snacks/Gushers/etc.
Use 2 of the $1.00/2 coupons, making each box $2.00.
Earn $2.50 coupon on your next shopping order.
Each box will cost $1.38.

Let me know if you go to any of the other local Food Lions and come up with better deals! By the way, your coupon that prints out should roll over so you can do this promotion as many times as you want before January 24 (Sunday).


Tracey Garner said...

I love your new blog. I always find it helpful, although I only go to Food Lion. It is a location problem. Now that I will be up here all the time after Jan 31st, I will be checking out all the deals you mention. I have a $5.50 coupon I am planning on using this weekend. Keep us up to date on all the bargains.

Amanda said...

That's one reason I started this blog - because there are so many other helpful blogs out there but because they aren't local the sales and prices aren't always the same. Hopefully this will help some locals!