Thursday, January 21, 2010

Harris Teeter

Heinz ketchup (14-oz)
RP $1.89. Minus $0.75 coupon doubled. FP - $0.39.

Betty Crocker pouch potatoes
RP $1.25. SP $0.77. Minus $0.35 coupon doubled. FP - $0.07.

Morton Season-All
RP $1.19. Minus $0.60 coupon doubled. FP - Free.

Angel Soft
(12-pack double rolls)
RP $8.49. SP $4.77 (e-VIC members only). Minus $1.00 coupon. FP - $3.77.

Beech-Nut baby food (x5)
SP $0.39 (on the clearance shelf). Minus $1.00/5 coupon. FP - $0.19 each.

McCain crinkle fries
RP $3.35. SP/FP - $1.67.

Final shopping total - $18.61
OOP - $7.34
Saved - $11.27. (about 61%)

The Heinz ketchup was not something I planned on buying. A long-term special is the 20-oz bottle which is $1.67. After coupon it would be just $0.17. Unfortunately, for two weeks now I have not seen one single bottle of this on the shelf. And my coupons expire 1/31/10! So I just went ahead and bought a small bottle - we'll use it. The McCain fries were a splurge. I only buy them when they are half the normal price or less. The baby food was also a splurge, but it really is so convenient to just be able to open a jar of baby food when we're at church or someone's house. Definitely worth the money.

So, anyone near Aberdeen knows that tonight it was POURING outside. Not when I went to the store, but when I was leaving it certainly was! I had Brianna's jacket tight around her, huddling her to my body, trying to dodge all the puddles and set my cart somewhere so it wouldn't roll off while I wriggled her out of the Bjorn and into her carseat. As I jogged to the nearest cart return, I noticed a man who was obviously torn between returning his cart and getting in his nice warm car. He visibly struggled as he looked at the cart, then his car, back at the cart, and then let go of the cart. As he rushed to open his car door, our eyes met, and he glanced at the cart again, which had begun rolling down the slope. Just before it hit a parked car, I yelled, "Don't worry, I'll get it for you!" He simply got in his car and squealed off. Whatever! What is the big deal about returning a cart? I realize it's raining but it's only 45 more seconds! I'd be embarrassed if I were him.

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