Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mail Call

This is a little segment I like to call "Mail Call". I know, very original. That's what I get paid the big bucks for.

So, one thing I got in the mail today that may interest you is this coupon booklet from P&G. It's totally free, just requires some information, but just because I'm nice I'll give you a rundown of the coupons in this book. Please note that this is how I got quite a few free items from Super Doubles at Harris Teeter a couple of weeks ago.

$5.00 on any Swiffer Sweeper Vac starter kit
Buy a Sweeper Starter kit, get one refill free
$1.00 on any Swiffer Dusters starter kit or refill
$1.00 on any Swiffer Dust & Shine furniture spray
Buy a Wetjet Starter kit, get one refill free
$0.50 on any Febreze Air Effects
$1.00 on any Febreze candle
$0.50 on any Febreze fabric refresher
$3.00 on any Febreze flameless luminary starter kit
$1.00 on any Febreze scented reed diffuser or soy candle
$1.00 on any Febreze Noticeables startder kit, dual refill, or 2 single refills
$1.50 on Dawn direct foam pump
$2.00 on Dawn direct foam pump refill
$1.00 on Dawn hand renewal
$1.00 on Cascade Pure Essentials
$0.50 on Dawn pure essentials
$1.00 on Cascade actionpacs or gel
$0.50 on Cascade complete all-in-1 actionpacs
$0.50 on Cascade Rinse Aid
$0.75 on Mr. Clean multi-surfaces spray
$0.75 on Mr. Clean multi-surfaces liquid
$0.75 on Mr. Clean magic eraser

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