Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mail Call

Yesterday in the mail I got two samples: one from Kotex and one from P&G.

Get your Kotex sample pack from here. Included in my package: 3 tampons, 2 liners, and a $1.00 coupon.

Get your P&G sample pack from here. Included in my package: free sample of Prilosec OTC, Head & Shoulders shampoo and conditioner, 3 Tampax tampons, $2.00 Tampax coupon, $1.00 Downy coupon, $1.00 Tide Stain Release coupon, $2.00 Olay body wash coupon, and a $1.00 Tide coupon.

Go get 'em!


mae said...

Thanks for this, Amanda! BTW, you may have already noticed this, but while reading the fine print for the first free offer I noticed that you can request two per household. I did; hopefully you did too! :)

Amanda said...

It wouldn't let me request two! I'm not sure why, but that's okay. I'm glad you were able to have it work for you!