Sunday, March 14, 2010

Food Lion

Food Lion mozzarella cheese (x2)
RP $2.00. SP/FP - $1.67

Food Lion pepperonis

RP/FP - $1.99

Bakers unsweetened chocolate

RP/FP - $2.82


RP $0.50/lb. FP - $0.57

(3 lb bag)
RP $3.99. SP/FP - $2.99 (around $1.00/lb)

Eggs (x2)
RP $1.61. Minus BOGO coupon. FP - $0.81 each

Russet potatoes (5 lb)
RP $2.88. SP/FP - $0.99

Final shopping total - $19.94
OOP - $14.78
Saved - $5.16 (about 26%)

It always looks like I spend so much at Food Lion - and I NEVER save as much as I spend. But just by purchasing this stuff from Food Lion instead of Harris Teeter I saved around $12.00. Produce is much cheaper at Food Lion, and so was every other item I was buying because I didn't have coupons for them (i.e. baking chocolate, cheese, pepperonis). I did price check at Harris Teeter before purchasing the items, so it was worth it to me to swing into Food Lion to save that amount of money.

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