Sunday, March 14, 2010

Menu Planning

I wouldn't exactly say that my menu plan for last week went according to plan. Tuesday night was so gorgeous we decided to go for a walk and grill steaks instead of making Pasta Primavera. That meal was moved to Friday so I never made the mac and cheese. And Saturday we decided to make homemade pizza. Nonetheless, I am aiming for menu planning this week again.

Monday - OYO Stephen has Mens Group at church so I'll be eating with Brianna. No major cooking.
Tuesday - Italian bread wedges and pasta (extremely cheap meal; I'll post the link after I make it)
Wednesday - OYO Church night.
Thursday - Pork chops
Friday - Eating out

Pretty simple! At first I wasn't even going to cook Tuesday night because we had plans with another couple but we had to switch it so I'll be cooking after all!

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