Monday, March 15, 2010

Mail Call

Not pictured: Cool silicone basting brush from Kikkoman. Supposedly you need a PIN # to enter the contest but I just entered my name and address and it came within a week or so. I didn't get a picture because Stephen stole borrowed it.

Check from Rite Aid Rebates for my raincheck rebate item. It came really fast!

Rebate check from Coors Light. No, I didn't buy so much beer I qualified for a rebate. Turns out they also own Pepsi, and I should own stock in Mountain Dew because Stephen drinks so much. I was able to pair this rebate with a Walgreens deal to get 6 free cartons of Mountain Dew. Works for me!

Check from Viewpoint Forum, another survey company I am a member of. Go sign up! I take a survey every couple of weeks, which makes me a few points. Eventually I cash out. This time I waited until I had over $30 but I think you can cash out as early as $10. The surveys are always short and sometimes you get product samples too. Totally free to sign up! No reason not to do it!

Full-size sample of Pantene shampoo from Vocalpoint. I feel bad for slightly badmouthing them in previous posts now. I also received three $2.00 coupons for Pantene, which I am giving up to the first three people that contact me wanting them! I am amazed that more people don't want the coupons I give away but I'll keep offering!

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